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Important Software Upgrade Announcement

The important upgrade software was released for the version number '6248-G3-37H-V2'. It's recommended that you upgrade it which can make the recording better.


(Important:If the software version number is not '6248-G3-37H-V2’,please ignore the following and must not upgrade it. Please double check it.)


If your software version number is 6248-G3-62-V2 or 6248-T7-62-V2, please contact ORSEKY support email to request an update.

The firmware version number needs to be exactly the same to upgrade,otherwise it will not be able to turn on.


How to check the software version number ?


1) Please press the 'OK' button to stop recording after power-on

2) Then press the 'Menu' button twice

3) Press the down button until you see the option of ‘version’, then press the 'OK' button


Follow the instructions below :


1. Download . Download Link:

2. Please use our standard USB cable to connect to the computer, it will display ‘Mass Storage’,  then press the 'OK' button, you will see the USB flash drive show on the computer.Then format the memory card through the computer.

3. Unzip the file I sent you to the USB flash drive.Then disconnect the USB cable, please use the car charger to power it.(The update process cannot be powered off)

4. Insert the memory card into the dash cam and press the power button.Turn on the dash cam, when it is updated to 100%, turn off the dash cam.Then remove the memory card. Operation video:

5. Then turn on the dash cam FIRST (Please connect the car charger), and then reinsert the memory card. Then press the 'Menu' button twice.Press the 'Down' key until you find the 'format' option.Press 'OK', then press 'down', then press 'OK'.This completes the formatting.


Congratulations, you have completed the upgrade.Any more questions please feel free to contact us.Thank you.

Kind regards.

ORSKEY Support Team